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Friday, November 17, 2017

Saturday seduction: Stormy weather ... Prose poem

First came those innocent eyes

Than first 
And many kisses

Than In the middle of us
We came together
To connect as one

We danced In the exact motion
Rejoice with the same notion


You rained on my hard affection
As I thunder inside your soft pink indention 

Than as one
 We cuddle and patiently waited
For the next approaching storm...


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Flush..... Erotic repetitive poem

When I tenderly kissed your lips that's full
Your breath hushed_
Your face became flushed

When I slowly unbutton your blouse
Than slowly remove it from its surrounding_
Your eyes looked deeply into mine

When I unclasp your bra and removed it
And softly suckle on an erect nipple_
 Your lips parted, as a deep gasp release from your lungs

When I unzipped your pants 
And pulled them over the contour of curvy hips_
Your face smiled

When I slowly pull your panties down your shapely legs
Than disregarded them into the air_
Your chest expands as anticipation rushed through your being

When I was on bended knee, my face moved forward,
My hands cupped and held the roundness of your firm round buttocks
While my lips deeply kissed your moist feminine lips_
Your body of whole, blushed

(C) 1ManView

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Lay it down... (revisited)

(Whispering voice)

Take your clothes off
I need you butt naked
To see the full glory of your cock strong elongated stance

I need to see you hold it in the palm of your hand
So I can see its hard firm flesh
Pulsate between a manly firm grasp

Hold still
While I crawl closer
Closer so I can inhale the musky scent of your manliness 
Unprovoked by cloth fabric

Closer, so I can touch your cock enticing wide base
So I can taste your cock smooth succulent flesh
On the moist palate of my tongue
Than watch your face contort
As my hungry mouth 
Suck your cock length to the forefront of my throat 

I want to feel your body tremble
From the ecstasy of my oral prowess
To feel its hard palpitations
Throb deeply between the taut grip of my soft full lips
While I quench the dry thirst in my throat
With the moist warmth of your wet white creamy liquid 


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Dick... By NavyPoet

Between thighs

Recall is fuzzy
But I do remember
Plastic does not feel the same


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Monday Moan Poem.... Conquest ...... Prose Poem ..

She was to be his latest conquest
So pretty and small
But like the rest
She will confess
He's the best
And before the night falls
He'll have her climbing up the walls

Her womb swallowed him almost whole
As soon as the head of his staff rammed past her folds
Instant heat, a shear grip, quickly envelop his swollen staff pole

Tides had turned
As he was the first, and the last
To moan...

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