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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Happy Birthday ... Stone Cold in love

Today means another year has passed since your last Birthday
Leaving me looking for words to stretch to say the same old thing I always say to you,
but hopefully with a new flare

Yea-right, not today baby...
Today I don't feel like looking for words that I hope I have shown you everyday we have been together
Words like:
I said no new words for the old you.. Oops... I mean older you... Oops... I mean the mash potato eating you...Oops... I mean the can you help me out the chair you... Oops... I mean the new always farting you... Oops.... I mean where did I put my new teeth you.... Oops...  I mean when I wake up from my three-hour nap, we can have sex next year you...Oops...  I mean the I'm going to cook your favorite meal, as soon as I remember what it is you... Oops.. I mean the I fell down and can't get up you.. Oops.. I mean where are my glasses that's already on my face you...  He-He...

Ah... I see you do remember how to load that gun....
Damn baby girl...  I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the person  "I'm still stone cold in love with"
The person that I'm going to still be in love with when she become truly old...
You can get older can't yea?

Love PJ
(A.K.A Bam-Bam!)

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This song is simple, but it says one stanza you need to say to the one you call yours...


When I get home I found you sleeping
I said the words you know are true
And I'm stone 
Stone cold in love with you

You don't have to turn the light on
Ain't had more than just a few
And I'm stone
I'm stone cold in love with you

You don't have to wonder why now
Look at all the things you've been to me
I'll build my whole life on the sweet foundation
You've given, baby you know what I mean

I left my friends back in the poolroom
They'll still be drowning out the blues
I'm stone
I'm stone cold in love with you

You don't have to wonder why
Look at all the things you've been
My heart lies on the sweet foundation
You've given, baby you know what I mean

I see your face below the window
I see the moonlight coming through
And I'm stone
I'm stone cold in love with you
Yes I'm stone
I'm stone cold in love with you

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Quickie series: In the dark .....Erotic prose poem

In the darkness we stood in front of each other
I could hear the sound of her anticipating breathes
I could smell her Jasmine fragrance that was lingering in the air
I wondered, if she could hear my heart beats, that was beating rapidly and hard against my chest

I lit a match and stared at what stood in front of me, which was a welcoming smile
Her shy stance that reflected her inner beauty
Without a warning she quickly blew out the match

When I ignited another match, there she stood in front of me, while wearing nothing but her naked glory from head to toe
For a moment my eyes feasted on the smooth curves of her body
The soft glowing texture of her flesh
Suddenly an lustful urge overtook me
Leaving a deep dull ache in my loins
That's preceded by a large bulge pressing hard against my pants
This time, I was the one to quickly blow out the match

 (C) 1ManView

Friday, January 19, 2018

Quickie series: Blanket Sensual prose poem

Like a woven blanket

Cover me



So tight it entraps my body with a sense that it will never, ever, be let go

Cover me with its texture that's smooth and soft as human flesh 

Cover me with warmth...
A warm my fingertips can touch, my body cam feel as it warps around me
A warmth that penetrates into my soul, penetrate my heart with so much warmth of love,
my heartbeats seem silent 
A warmth that lingers forever inside the abyss of my being


Thursday, January 4, 2018